3 Ways Web Developer Safari Can Help You

developer safari

Image credit: youwe.nl

extension buildersSafari is Mac’s default browser. It is fast, efficient, and is responsive that creates a better display of your website in any device. The built-in privacy feature of Safari secures confidential details as well. If you want to experience the most of your browser, downloading Safari extensions can provide huge advantages. The web developer Safari allows you to add new features to your browser. You can create bars, add custom buttons, includes menu items and pop-over, display full-page content, and more.

You can also develop Safari extensions using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is important that you register to the Apple Developer Program to become Apple’s official Safari Developer. Developers are fond in creating developer Safari extension. Here are the reasons why you should create your own:

  • Safari extensions have their own JavaScript API

A Safari extension allows you to access Safari web content and application through a special JavaScript API. It also runs in a sandbox that is designated for the execution of normal CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Create extensions in Safari

Safari has an extension builder that creates extension right in the browser. All you have to do is open the extension builder and inform that you will create an extension folder. Drag your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS style sheets in the folder, and supply the details needed by the extension builder.

  • Define the Extension Builder user settings

Your extension has unique user settings. These are accessible to the other users of your Safari’s extension pane. Using the builder allows you to define the user interface, settings, and the default values. You can also use the API setting similar to HTML5 local storage. You can use this to access and modify the Safari setting pragmatically. To secure you extension, utilize the encrypted settings.

The Safari extension builder makes you web browser better and more efficient. It allows you to add more features that can make your work easier. It also develops browsers capabilities by personalizing the browser and enabling it to relate with HTML web content.

Working on Safari extension is fun. You will get tons of benefits from taking advantage of its feature set. You can block unwanted sites and materials, reformat pages, display RSS feeds, use your gravity forms booking calendar, and do other things as you wish.

Web developers will surely enjoy working with Web Developer Safari extension!