5 Questions to Ask Custom WordPress Developer

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developer wordpress helpFinding a WordPress developer to handle your custom WordPress website is easy since a lot of them are just out there. However, choosing the perfect developer WordPress never comes in handy.

To help you find your perfect match, we list down the 5 best questions to assess if your potential developer is an expert or simply a novice.

  • How long are you working as a custom WordPress developer?

This is the first question you should ask your developer. The answer may very accordingly from developers and agencies but vetting on their responses can tell you a lot about them. Let them discuss their experience, whom they worked with, and what have they done so far. You’ll have a sense of who is expert and not.

  • How do you approach usability?

This question will let you know how adept your developer is. Asking about the usability tells you their main focus. Are they user centered? Or do they just do work for the sake of accomplishing the requirements and getting paid? Over- all, you need a WordPress developer that thinks like an entrepreneur, someone who prioritizes user experience than anything else.

  • Can you please show me your portfolio or similar projects?

Your prospect developer may seem knowledgeable of your project by the way they answer. But don’t just settle on their responses. They just probably prepare for the interview and have done enough research to support their claims. Ask for their portfolio and, if possible, request for work samples that are similar to your project f.e. Elgg development.

A developer that has done similar projects or has experienced a lot in web designing can confidently share their work.

  • Can I meet your team?

By asking this question, you’ll know whether your developer’s team is outsourced or in-house. Depending on your preference, you can hire a freelance developer who farms out projects to their outsourced members or you can work with a reliable web developer agency that provides professional custom WordPress development services.

Freelance web developers have high demand nowadays as they are affordable than agencies. If you own a website with a serious objective, a team of in-house WordPress experts is the best choice.

  • How can we measure the results?

If you are new to this business, you will find the answer to this question a bit technical. You will hear several jargon terms like unique visits, bounce rates, page views, inbound links, search engine rankings, and so much more.

If you are not sure what they meant, ask questions and let them explain in simple and plain English. They would be happy to discuss these terms.

If you have done the business and is familiar with the terms, it is easier for you to assess if they really know their field or not.

Aside from asking these questions, you could also ask for their references to gauge their working habit and attitude. You would also want to ask a friend or colleague for referrals.

Asking these questions help you assess your prospect developers better and easier than watching on their one hour long of presentation. Make sure to vet on their capabilities and attitude towards work to find the Wordrpress developer that can deliver the best result.

Learn this tips and hire the best custom WordPress developer!