A Step-by-Step Guide from Magento Extension Developer

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magento developer extensionOnline shopping has become the trend nowadays. If you have a physical business and want to tap on the power of the web to increase your exposure and sale, creating an online store is your primary homework. Building your site requires a lot of work and time. You may ask for the help of an expert developer to do your, for example, Wordpress appointment plugin for you. Hiring a professional can make the work easier and faster than you’ve think.

Magento is known as a popular online shopping cart in the internet. If you want to create your own online shopping website, this tutorial can help you create Magento extension from scratch efficiently. This step by step guide from a Magento extension developer is easy to follow and you will for sure accomplish this without any hassle.

We will help you go through the process to successfully come up with a well-designed and structured online store. Just follow below steps:

  • Download the Magento from the official Magento website and manually install it to your hosting account.
  • Upload the Magento installation package on your hosting account using the cPanel; either upload it through the File Manager or the FTP client. If you want the Magento to become your primary domain, extract the content of the package in the public_html folder. Or if you want it to put it in the subfolder, extract the file in the  public_html/store/. You can now extract the package in the File Manager using your cPanel.
  • Make and assign a user to your MySQL database. Secure the database details as you they are needed during the script installation.
  • After the package was uploaded and extracted, go to your web domain and check the box next to the terms and conditions. Click on the continue button to go to the next step.
  • Put the information needed such as the Locale, time zone, and currency. Select continue.
  • You will be directed to the configuration setting. Enter your database name, username and password and leave the other options as is. Check the “Skip Base URL validation before next step”. Proceed to the next step by clicking continue.
  • Create your admin account by filling in personal details including your name and email address and supply information for your login details. You can leave the encryption key empty as the system can just generate a new key for you.
  • Copy the encryption key provided by Magento. Secure the key as it will be used to encrypt credit cards, password, and other confidential information.
  • You are already set. You can now freely navigate on your Magento’s front end and back end and do whatever you like from your online store.

Now that you are done, design your website based on your niche and product. Customize it depending on your preference. Most importantly, take in mind your customers when designing your page.

Installing your Magento is fast and easy. Follow this step-by-step guide from Magento extension developer!