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Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins

Add an audio player to your site

Websites must go to further lengths than ever before in order to capture new viewers and retain their existing audience. Although a well written article can still get viewers, today’s audience wants more. Slideshows, videos, music and other media must all be used. Millions of website use WordPress as their content management system. Among the reasons that make WordPress so popular is that integrating various types of media into a WordPress site is easy enough that even a novice can manage it. Including audio as part of your WordPress website content is possible by simply installing WordPress audio player plugins. There are hundreds of WordPress audio player plugins to choose from, depending on your purpose and requirements. Things to consider before choosing a plugin include:

  • How hard is the plugin to install? Will it require coding?
  • Will it conflict with other add-ons?
  • What is the purpose? Will you just play songs for visitors? Sell music? Narrate stories?

These as well as other factors are all things you must consider. Reading Wordpress plugin reviews might also help.

WordPress audio player plugins to consider

With so many WordPress audio player plugins available, there is no way to check them all. Here is a list of ten of the best audio player plugins for WordPress that may suit your purpose:

wordpress audio player plugins

Compact WP Audio Player is a WordPress audio player plugin that uses a hybrid technology of HTML5 plus Flash to play music. Using just a shortcode you can embed a MP3 audio file to the post or page you want. Compact WP Audio Player requires few resources and doesn’t adversely affect page load time to the detriment of SEO. It supports .ogg and mp3 file formats and can be utilized in iOS devices. Compact WP uses HTML5 playback as the default option and with flash as the fallback. It is fully responsive and will adjust itself automatically to fit the user’s device or screen size.

wordpress mp3 player

Html5 jQuery audio player plugin provides a customizable and trendy WordPress HTML5 audio player for WordPress websites. Its color can be altered to match your site and it displays album art and meta data very well. It is compatible with all devices and browsers and uses .ogg and mp3 file format. The HTML5 jQuery Audio player can be added to any page or post using shortcode and users are able to rate songs without leaving the page. It can also be used with Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital content.

wordpress audio player plugin

CP Media Player is an audio and video player for WordPress. It comes with several skins allowing you to adjust its appearance. CP Media Player works on all devices and is fully responsive. It supports a number of formats including .ogg, mp3 mp4 and WMV among others. CP Media Player can be placed on anywhere on your website and it has a playlist option

wp music player

Simple Audio Player is a WP music player plugin for WordPress with a simple interface to play music on your website. It can be placed in different areas of your site using shortcode. Simple Audio Player uses flash as the default and HTML5 as the fallback and it allows you to enter audio playlists and tracks using a shortcode. It is a light weight plugin and won’t provide much additional load on your server.

wordpress html5 audio player

Flash MP3 Player plugin is a customizable WordPress mp3 player that you can integrate into your site. You can incorporate it into your post or pages using shortcode or template tags. The color scheme and album cover can be changed for any song and a custom background image set as well using Flash MP3 player plugin. Other features include multiple configuration files and playlists and the option to shuffle play lists.

wordpress audio player plugins

SoundCloud is Gold is a WordPress audio player plugin that allows you to manage audio files hosted on SoundCloud. WordPress automatically embeds SoundCloud files using the oEmbed protocols, but this plugin allows you to manage SoundCloud files from within the WordPress admin area, add files to posts and pages and add albums and/or playlists on the fly.

wordpress mp3 player

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for podcasting. It works especially well with Blubrry but will work with any hosting solution. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting optimizes your podcast files for SEO, allows efficient podcast management and allows users to easily subscribe to your podcast.

wordpress mp3 player

Audio Album plugin is designed for displaying audio playlists and albums using the built-in WordPress functionality. This functionality is extended by offering an easier way to style your media player and the appearance of your albums using Audio Album. The plugin includes plenty of options using shortcodes and the media player can be customized using a basic style sheet that Audio Album provides.

The WordPress audio player plugins listed here can be used for a variety of purposes. Examine your particular needs and there is a good chance that one of the plugins listed here or in our WordPress social media plugins review will meet your purpose.