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Choosing the Best WordPress Banner Plugin

When should I put a WordPress banner plugin on my site?

Quite a few of the WordPress websites and blogs that people put up are there for the purpose of earning money from advertising. A WordPress banner plugin is much more than a tool that lets you put banner ads on your site. They may also include features like click tracking, impression counting, performance statistics, revenue sharing, automated expiration dates and the ability to integrate third-party ads into your site. Using a banner plugin, WordPress site owners can increase their ad income significantly. This depends of course on choosing the right plugin for your particular needs and using it effectively. If you already have banner ads on your site, or you plan on having some in the future, then the time to install a WordPress banner plugin is now.

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Choosing the best WordPress banner plugin

The first step in selecting the right banner plugin for your WordPress site is determining exactly what it is you need. Do you plan to have just a few advertisements? Will you require the ability to get performance statistics? Do you want to let the plugin handle more of the work? After you figure out what you want in a banner plugin, you can start looking at what’s available. Some of the criteria to use for selecting a WordPress banner plugin include:

  • What features does the plugin offer and do they match up with your needs?
  • Will it integrate into your site without causing problems with your theme and other plugins?
  • How long has it been around? Having the latest greatest can be nice, but it also means it is harder to get reliable feedback.
  • Is it updated and does the developer provide good support
  • Is it within your budget? There are some free WP plugins that are good.

Frequent some forums and check with people who have used some of the different WordPress banner plugins. Look at some of the more popular plugin that others are using. If you don’t have much experience you may want to consider sticking with a plugin that has proven itself, as long as it does what you want. The following is a list of ten of the best WordPress banner plugins out there.

  1. DirectAdsMarket

A premium WordPress banner ad plugin that lets you sell ads on your site through PayPal. It also allows you to sell Twitter and Facebook profile ads. Banner ads can be displayed in a Direct Ads Market widget or any location within a WP page or post using shortcodes and conditional tags.

  1. OIO Publisher

wordpress banner plugin

This premium WordPress plugin focuses on boosting revenue and saving time. Features include the ability to send weekly ad reports to advertisers, run your own affiliate program, and track clicks, impressions and CTR rates for ads purchased on your site.

  1. Billboard WordPress Ad Manager

A simple WordPress plugin used to add images and banner ads to your sidebar via a WP widget.

  1. AdRotate

wordpress banner plugin

A free plugin for WordPress that lets you display ads any place on your website from the dashboard. Create custom ads or use the code given by ad networks. AdRotate allows advertisers to add, edit or manage their ads. Ads can be targeted to visitors from a specific location. There is a pro version also.

  1. AdPress – WordPress Advertising Plugin

wordpress banner plugin

This premium plugin has options for selling ad spaces and displaying ads on your WordPress site. Different ads can be displayed at different times using the ad rotation feature.

  1. ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

wordpress banner plugin

ADS PRO lets you customize ads to match your site design as well as use templates. There are over 20 banner display options and it is possible to schedule ads to be displayed on a specific date and time.

  1. WP Bannerize

wordpress banner plugin

WP Bannerize lets you manage the ads by the shortcode, widget or custom function. Aside from regular images, you can use Flash, HTML, JavaScript or regular text in the banners. The layout can be controlled using the Custom CSS feature.

  1. Simple Ads Manager

wordpress banner plugin

Simple Ads Manager lets you create ads places, zones, and blocks. Ad display flexibility can be controlled by using the zones. Display options include the custom widget, shortcode, and function.

  1. Advanced Ads

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Advanced Ads is easy to use and supports different types of ads including Google AdSense, affiliate ads, image banners, text ads and shortcodes for displaying ads from other ad plugins.

  1. BuySellAds

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Using this plugin requires signing up as a publisher on the BuySellAds website. BSA is a popular banner ad marketplace where advertisers and publishers buy and sell advertisements. The plugin permits the admin to display banner advertisements on their site via a simple widget or by manually inserting a PHP tag in a WP theme.

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These 10 WordPress banner plugins offer plenty of options and you may find the plugin you need on the list.