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How to Choose a Custom WordPress Plugin Developer Service

WordPress plugin developers help a lot the success and improvement of your WordPress blog. These developer WordPress plugin are powerful that extends your blog’s functionality and makes it run well, which is good for your SEO. However, although some of these work well for your website, some would inflict trouble, especially when the site is not well-maintained by its developer.

These plugins are open source and are maintained by different software developers, including the experienced and inexperienced. Therefore, make sure to choose which of these thousand plugins are compatible with your site and are maintained by WordPress plugin developer. Follow this checklist.

custom wordpress plugin developerDownload WordPress plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory: Make sure you download your plugins from the official WordPress plugin directory. 20 million of plugins are available so you can definitely choose which one best suits your blog. Downloading it directly from the site will be much easier especially when something went wrong. WordPress will instantly rectify the issue.

Only download a plugin from other site if you are to purchase it.

developer wordpress pluginCheck how many times the plugin was downloaded: Before downloading your plugin, check how many times it was already downloaded. Is it million times or just thousand times? A plugin that was downloaded million of times are more reputable than those that are not. That reputation score is the result of being well advertised and maintained by the publisher. Plugin with lots of downloads show that it has less to no user issues and complains.

plugin developersCheck the WordPress plugin ratings: How many stars do your preferred plugin have? Is it five, four, three, or less? A plugin rating reflects its quality. It is not a good sign for a plugin that have three stars or less. We suggest that you don’t download a plugin that has a low rating.

Don’t forget to check the rating of your WordPress plugin before downloading it.

plugin developers tipsResearch on the plugin WordPress version compatibility: Check if the plugin is regularly updated. A plugin that is not updated is outdated and might not work on the latest WordPress version. Installing incompatible plugin to your site can cause trouble to your website.

custom wordpress plugin developer tipsIdentify the last WordPress plugin update: Never go for a plugin that is not maintained and updated by its publisher. WordPress improves overtime so you should install an active and well-maintained plugin. WordPress directory will also alert you if it has not been updated a year or two. Do not go for an outdated plugin as they will never get fixed and my ruin your page.

What plugins do you need for your site? Maybe Wordpress ecommerce plugins or a survey plugins? Before you finally decide which is perfect for your page, you can ask the help of a custom WordPress plugin developer or the simplest is consider checking the above checklist to have a better and fast-running website.

If these five criteria are present in your plugin, you are free to download and install it on your site.

Choose the best and perfect custom Wordpress plugin developer service for your site by using the above checklist for a better running page. Check this list now!