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How to Choose Good Newsletter WordPress Plugin

Why it is important to install a newsletter WordPress plugin

Most good internet marketers will tell you that the most important thing you can do is build your list. The list they are talking about is a list of email addresses of visitors to your site who are interested in your type of content and/or products. One method of building your list is through subscribers to a newsletter. In order for them to receive the newsletter subscribers must provide their email address. By subscribing, the person has indicated they are interested in what you offer and you have established a regular line of communication through your newsletter. A newsletter WordPress plugin is a tool that can handle some or even almost all of the tasks involved in getting newsletter signups and making sure it is delivered when and where you want. Some of the things a newsletter plugin can do include:

  • Newsletter signups: A plugin can generate a sign up form or a way to opt-in to subscribe to your newsletter. If you have a WordPress RSS plugin installed for example, you may want to have an opt-in option for your newsletter associated with it.
  • Record and organize email addresses of subscribers. Some WP plugins will also keep track of bounced mail and other email tasks
  • Delivery: Plugins can be used to automatically deliver your newsletter on the schedule you want
  • Statistics: Keep track of stats for your newsletter and subscribers so you can analyze what is working and what isn’t to better target your audience

A good newsletter WordPress plugin is vital to your online marketing success if you have a WordPress site.

Learn how to select the best WordPress poll plugin for your website!

Selecting a good newsletter WordPress plugin

To select the best newsletter plugin for your site, first determine what it is you need in the plugin. You want a plugin that supplies all the features you need, and you don’t want to pay for a bunch of features you will never use. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Compatibility: Will the plugin integrate smoothly with the rest of your site? For example if you have a Disqus WordPress plugin installed and want to add a newsletter opt-in option in the comments section, you should be sure the plugin integrates smoothly.
  • Support: How well do the developers support their plugin
  • Cost: Newsletter plugins are available in premium and free versions
  • Reviews: What is the plugins reputation with other users? You can also often find out how many times a plugin has been downloaded. Plugins that are popular, usually become popular because they work well.

Research the plugins you are interested in as much as possible before making your final decision. To get you started we have provided a list of 10 good newsletter WordPress plugins to get you started:

  1. MailPoet Newsletters

newsletter wordpress plugin

Let’s you send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily.You are able to import subscribers in two steps and the plugin provides newsletter stats such as opens, clicks and unsubscribes

  1. Newsletter

newsletter wordpress plugin

This plugin lets you store visitors emails locally, and export and import to a mailing provider. It has an option to add sign ups to your list automatically when they register.

  1. OptinMonster

newsletter wordpress plugin

OptinMonster has “smart subscribers recognition” that prevents your opt-in from showing up to those who have already subscribed. The MonsterLinks feature allows users to click a link to see an opt-in form popup and there is a full page takeover feature that, although somewhat annoying, is very effective.

  1. Ninja Popups for WordPress

wordpress rss plugin

Ninja Popups offers many features to increase conversion rates and also provides a wide range of email marketing providers.

  1. Newsletter SignUp

wordpress rss plugin

This plugin will prompt users to opt in your mailing list while leaving a comment. It works with most third-party email marketing services.

  1. Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress

wordpress rss plugin

Using this plugin enables you to require users to subscribe to an email list or newsletter or before viewing content. It handles user email verification, and can export verified subscribers to any popular mail service, in multiple formats.

  1. NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin

wordpress rss plugin

Provide mail subscription and newsletter service to keep your users informed about latest news and events.

  1. Unlimited Newsletter

disqus wordpress plugin

This is an easy to use plugin that provides a number of convenient options for managing newsletters.

  1. Subscribe by Email Plugin for WordPress

disqus wordpress plugin

WordPress Subscribe by Email Plugin, enables your readers to subscribe to post updates.

  1. Email Newsletter System – WordPress Plugin

newsletter wordpress plugin

This plugin is a professional newsletter system for those who want simplicity and don’t like playing with settings. Just install and send emails to your users.

These are just a few of the newsletter plugins available for WordPress. Use one of these or find another that meets your requirements and get started on building your email list as soon as you can.