How to Choose PHP Developer UK

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php developers londonPHP Developer UK is on the demand right now. The profession has been hiking for the past decades to supply the demand of businesses in building their custom-website. There are a lot of them. Some are working as a freelancer while others are working for a company. This made the competition stiff.

If you are in need of a PHP developer to make, for example, Wordpress photo gallery plugin best, choosing the right candidate is your major assignment. Novice, hobbyist, and expert professionals are spread across the world. Others would claim that they are experienced even they are not. Make sure you only hire the experienced. To find the most reliable, friendly and talented PHP developers London, here are 5 criteria you should consider while in search of this professional.

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge

You might be in search for the best PHP Developer UK. Why not hire someone with keen understanding of other languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Instances that they may encounter issues on design that needs fixing. With this additional skill, the PHP developer knows to resolve the issue. This lessens the hassle of hiring another contractor just to work on the design.

  • Learner

Hire PHP developer that keeps learning. The web requirements are fast changing and as a developer, adapting to these changes is important. A developer that learns, studies, and opens to new ideas and technological advantages are the best person to work with. They understand the trends and have a keen knowledge on the changing system.

  • Communicates effectively

Working with a PHP developer that communicates efficiently is a breeze. Aside from the technical skill you need from them, a responsive and active communicator will make the business easier. They work professionally and think as an entrepreneur so you have a peace of mind hiring them in your team.

  • Price competitively

A professional PHP developer knows their service’s worth. They price competitively based on the services they will offer. Once you provide them with your project requirements and details, they can immediately provide you with a competitive bid.

As a business, it is an investment to hire someone, who can really produce good result at a fair and just price than skimping your budget and getting a trashy website.

  • Proven and tested

Aside from the language expertise, hiring someone with a good track record is a must. You don’t want to hire a novice developer to work on your e-commerce business. Make sure you find someone with good standing and feedback from previous employers.

You can also ask your prospect developers to provide you with their list of references and sample projects. A PHP developer that has accomplished enough will confidently show his portfolio and will connect you with his previous employers.

Choosing a PHP Developer UK is a challenging task. Although there are several sites that provides access to these developers, hiring someone that understands you and your goal can be difficult.

Following these 5 criteria will help you assess the right candidate and choose the PHP developer UK with common mindset as yours!