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How to Create WordPress eCommerce Store

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Use a WordPress store plugin to create an online store

In recent years online sales have expanded at a phenomenal rate. Last year online sales neared $1.5 trillion dollars and growth is expected to continue. Although big companies like Amazon account for a big part of online sales, little guys are also getting a piece of the pie by using tools like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and others. It is possible for virtually anyone to build their own eCommerce store using WordPress and an eCommerce WordPress plugin. There are plenty of good eCommerce premium WordPress plugins that you can use. A good WordPress store plugin for those starting out is the WP Shopping Cart Plugin. It is a free WordPress online store plugin that is easy to use with an existing WordPress website. Using WP Shopping Cart plugin you can set up an online store in a matter of hours without any expense.

How to create an online store using a WordPress store plugin

Building an online store may be easier than you expect using the WP Shopping Cart plugin. To get started you need a WordPress site, the WP Shopping Cart plugin and a PayPal account. Then take the following steps:

  1. Install the WP Shopping Cart plugin on your WordPress site
  2. Create a “Thank You” page. This is where your customers will be sent after paying for their purchase. From your WordPress administration panel select Pages > Add New. You will be taken to a screen to add page details.
    • Add a page title
    • Add some appropriate text in the body
    • Publish the page by clicking the publish button
    • Record the URL of the thank you page
  3. Configure WP PayPal Shopping Cart options. From your WP administration page go to Settings > WP Shopping Cart. You will then be taken to the configuration page:
    • Enter the email address of your PayPal account
    • Enter a value for the base shipping cost
    • Enter the URL of the Thank You page you created
  4. Create a page for the “Add to Cart” button and the product
    • Add a page title
    • Add some text and image describing your product
    • Repeat a and b to add additional products
    • Add the shortcode which will display the shopping cart for your product.
    • Add the shortcode for the cart
    • Publish the page by clicking the publish button

That’s it. You have now set up a basic online store using a WordPress store plugin. WordPress offers many ecommerce solutions provided through thousands of different plugins. Despite this, in today’s competitive market, with the rapid changes brought about by developing technology, it is quite possible to find yourself needing some feature on your website that doesn’t currently exist in a plugin. Although it may be a plugin that doesn’t exist now, it won’t be long before it does when you contact our WordPress plugin development service.

We can create custom plugins for your WordPress website

Custom WordPress plugin development can provide you with the precise plugin you need, and help give you an edge over your competition. A custom plugin may provide some completely new feature, or make an existing feature work better. Our job is to create a plugin for you based on your stated requirements. Using our service to develop your plugin includes the following benefits:

  • Experienced plugin developers well versed is all aspects of plugin development
  • Full testing to ensure the plugin works perfectly and no conflicts exist with other add-ons
  • Inexpensive rates that are competitive with the best in the industry
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have

Contact us for a custom WordPress online store plugin that meets all of your requirements without destroying your budget!