How to Deactivate All Plugins

plugins on wordpressPurpose of deactivating all plugins on WordPress

Some people may ask why all plugins in WordPress would ever have to be deactivated. To explain why, you must first answer the question “What are plugins in WordPress?” A WordPress plugin is a PHP script that extends or alters the core functionality of WordPress without modifying any of the WordPress core files.If you have used WordPress much you have probably run into a situation troubleshooting a problem, where it is recommended that all plugins be deactivated. This is usually done to:

  • Determine if a plugin is causing the problem
  • Help identify which plugins on WordPress are causing your problem

Deactivating plugins on WordPress is a standard step in the troubleshooting process. As they alter no core files, deactivating them can establish whether or not they are involved in a site problem. However, what do you do if you are locked out of your WordPress admin panel, making it impossible to deactivate any plugins from there? An example of this is if you have ever been faced with the white screen of death on WordPress. Not to worry. There are other methods you can use to deactivate all of your sites WordPress plugins.

How to deactivate all plugins on WordPress when you are locked out of the admin panel

The method described here is the easiest way to deactivate all plugins on WordPress when you can’t access the admin panel:

  • Using FTP (or your host’s file manager) navigate to the /wpcontent/ folder
  • Locate the folder called plugins within the /wpcontent/folder
  • Rename the plugin folder to any name you choose. This deactivates all plugins

You will now be able login to your admin panel if the problem was caused by a plugin. Return to the folder you renamed, and change the name back to plugins. Now you can reactivate plugins one at a time to locate which plugin is causing the problem on your website. Many of the problems users have with their WordPress websites are due to plugin conflicts that occur due to poor coding. A well coded plugin not only does the job it is supposed to, it must also integrate smoothly with themes and other plugins. When no plugin exists that does the job well without conflict, you may want to consider having our WordPress development service create a plugin for you.

Get a custom WordPress plugin that does the job without conflict

Our plugin development team is made up of experienced plugin developers and programmers who excel at what they do. They are very aware of coding practices that should be adhered to, and what guidelines and regulations must be followed. Every custom plugin we develop will do the job it is supposed to, and work flawlessly with other WordPress plugins. We test each plugin extensively to ensure this. Additional benefits of our service include:

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