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How to Find Best WordPress Survey Plugin

What is the purpose of using a WordPress survey plugin?

Of course having a WordPress survey plugin on your site allows you to conduct surveys, but why do you want to allow surveys? Ultimately the purpose of adding the ability to conduct surveys is to increase traffic, create more interaction with users and improve your site overall. A survey plugin can help your site in a number of ways including:

  • Surveys are a good way to get discussions going in forums and comments areas of sites
  • Surveys will allow you to get a more accurate idea of your audience demographics
  • Linking surveys to your articles lets you judge readers opinion and can help generate topic ideas
  • When done correctly surveys can help improve your social media traffic

These are just a few of the ways a survey plugin can help your WordPress site.

Selecting a WordPress survey plugin

If you have decided that adding a survey plugin will benefit your site, the next step is to pick the best WordPress survey plugin for your particular needs. To find the right plugin, consider the following:

  • What do you need in a survey plugin: Are you considering something along the lines of a simple yes or no, a full in-depth multi-question type survey or something in between? Will you let anybody take the survey, or only registered members? Before you start looking at different plugins for surveys, you should have a good idea of what you want.
  • Cost considerations: WordPress survey plugins are available for free as well as premium paid plugins. Price can often influence the decision, especially if you are on a type budget.
  • Site integration: The survey plugin you select should integrate smoothly with your themes and other plugins on your site.

After considering these and any additional factors that may weigh in your decision it is time to go plugin shopping. A good place to start is WordPress.org. They have many survey plugins and a number of those have premium versions. The plugins there will have user ratings, number of times downloaded and other pertinent information.

Learn how to choose the best WordPress review plugin!

Forums and blogs about WordPress can be especially useful, and can help with many other aspects of your site. The following is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins available:

  1. Social Polls by Opinion Stage

wordpress survey plugin

Social Polls by Opinion Stage lets you add polls to your WordPress site or your Facebook page. Create, edit and delete polls, view poll participants, social network identities and filter survey participants and results.

  1. Web Engage

wordpress survey plugin

Web Engage allows visitors to report issues and suggest ideas through surveysand its analytics module lets you monitor progress on all surveys and polls. Sites that sell products and services will find it especially useful.

  1. Awesome Surveys

wordpress survey plugin

With Awesome Surveys having no restriction on the frequency of surveys you can create as many surveys as you like at one time. It offers the option of requiring advanced form field validation and login authentication to verify survey takers

  1. WP Survey and Quiz Tool

wordpress survey plugin

Allows unlimited number of quizzes polls and surveys and the limit for participation can be restricted to one submission per IP address or computer.

  1. iPerceptions Customer Feedback Survey

wordpress survey plugin

Offers customizable options that help track the level of involvement visitors have with the website. Shortcodes are used to make adding the surveys in multiple pages easier.

  1. WordPress Simple Survey

wordpress survey plugin

Versatile survey plugin to create surveys, polls, questionnaires or quizzes. Data is stored in your WordPress database and can be analyzed and tracked in the WordPress dashboard. Results can also be received via email.

  1. Pinnion

wordpress survey plugin

Allows any survey, quiz or poll to be embedded anywhere within your WordPress site. Results can be viewed directly within your WordPress account, emailed or posted on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. MFS Survey

best wordpress survey plugin

This is a simple survey plugin that allows you to create a survey, add it to the website and check its results in a few simple clicks. It can be installed easily and offers Textbox, checkbox and radio button answer patterns.

  1. Feedweb

best wordpress survey plugin

Feedweb is built using HTML5 and offers good security settings. It is easy to use and allows customized rating widgets to be inserted into selected posts. An option for making it mandatory to answer some questions is provided.

  1. Skysa Polls App

best wordpress survey plugin

Syksa Polls App is a simple plugin but it does allow multiple polls and surveys to run at the same time.

This list of 10 WordPress plugins may include just the WordPress survey you need, and if it doesn’t it is a good place to start.