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How to Hire WordPress Plugin Developer: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Do you need to hire a WordPress developer but don’t have any idea of the technicalities of the job? Here are some tips you should do to avoid pitfalls and mistakes in hiring a developer.

WordPress plugin developers for hire are just everywhere but make sure to ask help from someone who really knows your business. Here are top 7 reminders before you hire a WordPress developer.

hire wordpress plugin developerDetermine your needs: If you want to hire the perfect WordPress developer for your website to help you with for example WordPress audio player then it is necessary that you know what you need. Figure out your requirements and outline your desired outcome, and write it down as a detailed job description. By doing so helps you attract the right person to work on your project.

hire wordpress plugin developer tipsAsk for referrals: Thousands of WordPress developers are just everywhere. However, you don’t want to pay someone who you don’t know and haven’t heard about his track record. Asking the help of your colleagues can be a great help for you to find a trusted and expert developers.

Working with a referral is better than finding someone somewhere you never know or meet.

hire wordpress plugin developer asapAsk for portfolio and track record: Once you created your list of prospect developers, start by browsing through their websites, portfolios, and online repositories like Dribbble and Github and pay attention to their activities. Consider checking their work ethics, WordPress contribution, and reviews on their themes and plugins if they created one.

hire wordpress plugin developer helpFocus on their characteristics: Although you have found something valuable from them, knowing how they work is also important. Schedule them for an interview to determine how eager they are to win the job. Learn more about their attitude. Do you have synergy?

Do not focus on the skills, it can be learned over-time. Attitude matters most.

hire wordpress plugin developer 2016Set an interview schedule: Since you are not a technical guy and can’t assess their code, one important thing you need to focus on is their work output. Ask them to show you examples of their past works that is related to your project. Provide comments and ask questions if necessary.

hire wordpress plugin developer adviceHire entrepreneur-minded experts: Hire a developer with a freelance or business experience. These people know how to make and run a business. They are also trustworthy and reliable than those who don’t. They also value their customers more than anything else.

hire wordpress plugin developer listAsk feedback from previous clients: WordPress developers are entrepreneurs at the same time. Politely ask from them references you can ask feedback.

This is the last step you need to do to find the best developer. Ask for feedback from their previous clients. They can attest how good or bad your prospect is.

Make a call or send them an e-mail asking a few questions about the developer you are interested in hiring. How was their experience? Were they satisfied of the output? And other queries you think are important.

Hire the best WordPress plugin developer by following these seven tips on choosing an expert!