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Importing Data from CSV with WordPress Importer Plugin

Make importing data from CSV easier using a WordPress importer plugin

Adding content to your blog or website can get to be pretty time consuming if you have very much to post. The task can be made much easier and faster using a WordPress importer plugin for importing files to your site. Organizing content in spreadsheets is common for quite a few WordPress site owners. Using an importer plug, it is easy to import material from CSV into WordPress. First you will need to install and activate a WordPress import plugin on your site. Really Simple CSV Importer plugin is the plugin we will be installing.

Take the following steps to install and activate the plugin:

  • Go to Tools > Import in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click the WordPress link located in the importer lists.
  • Click the Install Now button.
  • Click Activate Plugin

Now that the Really Simple CSV Importer plugin is installed and activated, content can be imported as long as it is in the right format. The Really Simple CSV Importer gets post information based on columns in the spreadsheet. You will have to make sure the first row of the spreadsheet has column names the plugin can recognize. There is a full list of column names on the plugin website. Some of the most commonly used column names are post_title, post_content, post_date, post_author, post_type and post_status. It isn’t necessary to include all the columns or to have them in any particular order. Most spreadsheet software lets you save your spreadsheet in CSV format. Make sure to use commas to separate columns, and that the text delimiter is set to double quotes when downloading or saving your spreadsheet as CSV. Once your spreadsheet is converted into CSV, you are ready to import it into WordPress.

To import content follow these next steps:

  • Go to Tools > Import and click on CSV. You will be asked to upload a CSV file to import
  • Click on choose file button to upload the CSV file.
  • The plugin will upload the file and import posts into WordPress.

Not every WordPress importer plugin performs the exact same way or does the same thing. There are plenty of WordPress importer plugins that you can select from to perform import tasks and you should look for the plugin best suited to fit your particular needs.

The following is a list of WordPress importer plugins that you may want to take a look at:

  1. CSV Importer

wordpress importer plugin

CSV Importer is a popular CSV importer for WordPress

  1. CSV 2 Post

wordpress importer plugin

CSV 2 Post can import any CSV file then auto blog the data into hundreds or even thousands of WordPress posts. You can import data to WordPress from any properly formatted CSV file with clean headers. Data is imported to a custom database table automatically where it can be managed prior to creating posts, allowing you to make any edits you want.

  1. WP Ultimate CSV Importer

wordpress importer plugin

Import any CSV file as any WordPress post type and using the simple mapping feature.

  1. Supra CSV WordPress Plugin

wordpress importer plugin

This plugin can upload data from the CSV file into the post-meta records which themes and WP plugins create. It also provides the ability to import images and associate them to post as attachments or thumbnails.

  1. CSV and XML Import – Premium WordPress Plugin

wordpress importer plugin

Import into WordPress from CSV or XML. XML and CSV Import can import posts, pages, custom post types with custom fields, comments, categories, tags, terms, taxonomies, users, images, media and options into WordPress

  1. CSV to WordPress Import Plugin

wordpress importer plugin

Useful tool to bulk import data from CSV file to WordPress.

  1. WP All Import

wordpress importer plugin

WP All Import uses a four step import process and has a drag and drop interface that simplifies complicated import tasks. There are no special requirements that the elements in files must be laid out in a certain way and it can import any XML or CSV file.

  1. Blogger Importer

wordpress import plugin

Imports posts, images, comments, and categories from a Blogger blog to WordPress

  1. Import Products from CSV Files

wordpress import plugin

Import products in your online WordPress store from CSV files. Millions of products can be imported with one click with one of the premium WordPress plugins.

  1. Really Simple CSV Importer

wordpress import plugin

Alternative CSV Importer plugin. Simple and powerful, Best for geeks.

The WordPress importer plugins listed here are some of the best available, and one of them is most likely capable of meeting your requirements.