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List of Best YouTube WordPress Plugins

Do you need to install a YouTube WordPress plugin on your site?

Many websites regularly include video clips as content and for some sites it is an essential part of their success. Benefits of having videos on your site include:

  • Visitors tend to spend more time on pages with video
  • Improves SEO on your site
  • More shares and increased traffic from social media

For these and other reasons, it can be a good idea to include videos as part of your website content. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and YouTube is the largest video website. It was inevitable that WordPress sites be able to feature video content hosted by YouTube. Using a YouTube WordPress plugin makes it very easy. There are plenty of plugins available for adding YouTube videos to WordPress sites and for enhancing the way videos are presented. YouTube plugins come in free versions as well as WordPress premium plugins. Here is a list of ten of the best WordPress plugins for YouTube:

  1. Smart YouTube

youtube wordpress plugin

The Smart YouTube plugin is verylightweight and easy to use and allows you to customize videos the way that you want. You can embed single videos and full play lists as well. Deep linking provides the ability to start a video at a specific point in time. The video template can be customized to wrap text around and the size of the video can also be customized in both normal and high quality mode. This plugin also lets you include the videos in your RSS feed.

  1. TubePress

youtube wordpress plugin

TubePress is a plugin for creating YouTube video galleries and isoffered in both a free and premium version. It allows you to include an interactive search so that visitors don’t have to leave your site to find additional videos. A wide variety of embedded player options is provided as well.

  1. YouTube Upload Widget

youtube wordpress plugin

You can record and upload videos to YouTube directly from WordPress using the YouTube Upload Widget plugin. Record the video using your webcam from your WordPress site and then upload it to YouTube.

  1. oEmbed in Comments

youtube wordpress plugin

To embed content from third party services like YouTube, Twitter and others, WordPress uses oEmbed protocol. You only have to paste the URL of the particular content and WordPress will automatically embed it for you.By default oEmbed is only enabled for WordPress posts and pages. Installing oEmbed in Comments plugin enables this feature for comments as well.

  1. YouTube Profile Field

youtube wordpress plugin

YouTube Profile Field plugin allows you to show your YouTube videos on your site. Enter your username from YouTube in the profile and display videos by using either a template tag or a shortcode in posts, pages, and text widgets.

  1. YouTube Favorite Video Posts

wordpress premium plugins

YouTube Favorite Video Posts takes videos you mark as favorites in YouTube. The feed is parsed into new posts in WordPress and videos are automatically embedded in the content of those posts.

  1. WP YouTube Player

wordpress premium plugins

WP YouTube Player is easy to install and lets you insert YouTube videos on your WordPress site using a single quick tag; [tube][/tube].

  1. YouTube Channel

wordpress premium plugins

This is a customizable plugin you can use to display video with a sidebar widget. Set a YouTube channel name and the latest video from the selected channel will be embedded in the sidebar widget.

  1. Enhanced YouTube Shortcode

wordpress premium plugins

The Enhanced YouTube Shortcode plugin allows you to use a custom YouTube player in posts and pages with shortcode. You can change the display in all players from one location instead of changing each player manually on the particular page or post.

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Install a YouTube WordPress plugin on your site and start to reap the benefits it provides.