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plugin web developerNew WP developer plugins are developed and released daily with the aim to make users life more convenient. These plugins can speed up work that’s why it gained massive attention, not only from professional custom PHP development services, but from common users.

With plethora of collections available, choose the best plugin web developer that can code for you:

  • CSS-Shack

Design your CSS file and export it to your site using the CSS- Shack. It has plethora of tools and layers similar to a photo editor.

  • Window Resizer

The Chrome extension is a useful tool that makes your website design responsive. It resizes your window and custom sized your site. Select from the list of custom sizes, popular monitor dimensions, and resolutions for improved accuracy.

  • Font Playground

Change your font style using the Font playground extension. It enables you to experiment on your local fonts using Google’s library without applying changes on the live page. It has variety of font weights, text effects, and styles to utilize in your site. Font playground is a great plugin for your use.

  • iMacros Chrome

Testing your page is a daunting process. You have to re-test several times to achieve your desired look. With the iMacros Chrome, you don’t need to repeat the process again and again as it can record and reply your actions anytime you want. This saves you time. Moreover, makes you focused on other matters using this plugin.

  • Project Naptha

You can now copy and paste a text from an image using the Project Naptha. The Smart OCR trickery allows you to highlight the text and copy and paste to a word document. It can also translate the language for you.

  • Yslow

Unlike other plugin that only tells your web page’s loading phase, the Yslow also notifies if your page is slowing down. It tests your page speed based from the 23 rules provided by Yahoo’s performance team. It also recommends way to boost your site’s performance.

  • Web Developer

Web Developer is web developer’s best friend. This tool bar button has plethora of tools you can use for web development. You can now easily access your tools through this plugin.

  • Web Developer Checklist

This is a great tool that enables you to check your page’s usability, SEO, performance, and accessibility. It will notify you of the errors or missing texts to help your fix the issue immediately. This is a great tool, not only for developers, but for marketers and businesses alike.

  • DevTools Autosave

The DevTools Autosave is another great plugin to include in your toolbax. This automatically saves the changes you made on your CSS and JavaSCript. This plugin is a true gem for developers.

Web developing is a complex and intrinsic activity in creating your own web page. These tools can make the work easier by saving your time and effort on creating pages and plugins f.e. best gallery plugin.

Check on this list and select the best tool for web developers that can code for you. Download it now for free!