Stop HTML Code Comments. “No Markup Please” Plugin Review

What Is Comment In HTML Code. We Speak

HTML is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. It is standard markup language used to create web pages. Simply saying, it’s how the websites are created. Of course, there are other languages as PHP, JavaScript that are used in web development as well. But HTML is the most used and widespread in the world. Our browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are just reading this code and giving information in visual presentation.

Approaching to the theme of the column, we need to notice that it affects security of your website. Yes, that’s right. Look, your website is made with html. What if we tell you, that there are people that write special html code to paste it under your amazing post to gain control over your website? But, it can happen with everybody, who has open comments section. That’s why a lot of people have closed their comments from malware.

How To Prevent Malware HTML Code Comments?

Finally, we have a solution, that came out this month (It’s November, by the way). it is called No Markup Please. We can’t be sure whether it’s the only that can solve the issue, but it’s totally the most simple one. Let see how it looks in the admin panel.

html code comments

And that’s all! Only two fields to change. And the awesomeness of the plugin that you can write really funny error messages 🙂 The person that will be trying to add too much html code comments will receive this notification:

comment in html code

Despite the fact that it was downloaded just few times, it already has 5 stars (out of 5) on WordPress Plugins page. Doesn’t it mean that author – Maeve Lander, who has created 10 more plugins, made it really good.

<a href=”url”>click on me</a> Sounds Familiar?

This part of code is a “must know” for people, who are called link builders. They target one or another website in the search of niche linking. If your website is one of them, believe me, you will receive a lot of that. But, activating No Markup Please will prevent link builders to steal your link juice. That’s another story 🙂

But, if you are uncertain whether you are doing right thing, let us help you. If you need custom plugin development service, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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