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hire php developerCreating your custom-made website is challenging especially if you don’t have any basic coding and PHP skills. In order to achieve the ideal website that will become the face of your business, a help from a PHP web developer is important. Fortunately, we have lots of PHP developer spread across the globe. Some works as freelancers, others are hired to work for a company.

With thousands of them selling their services and assuring you of quality work, the biggest challenge is to find the most reputable marketplace to hire PHP or custom WordPress plugin developer. Here are 5 websites to hire freelancers that will help in developing your PHP website:

  • Toptal

You can hirePHP developer from Toptal. This is a premium marketplace where you can hire freelance developers by contract. You can also set an hourly limit for their work or engage with them in a full-time or part-time project.

Toptal has a rigorous vetting process with an initiation to fully equip all newly signed up developers with the understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements. Toptal regarded themselves as the best provider of the top 3% of web developers in the world.

  • Crew

Crew is another community to hire PHP or Magento custom extension development helper and freelance designers. This community is founded by Mikael Cho with the aim to help businesses find the perfect match for their web design projects.

This invite-only community provides an estimation of your project by sharing your project descriptions. Developers can start working on your task within 48 hours. You are sure to work with professional designers from Crew.

  • Github

Github has 3 million members including PHP developers and coders. This open source repository makes it easier for you to search for experienced and talented web developers using their advanced search feature. You can hire based from their number of followers, experience, and technical adeptness.

It may take you time to find your perfect match but you are sure to get the best freelancer that will accomplish your project with convenience.

  • Angel List

If you are looking for a full-time developer to work on your e-commerce, the Angel list is a great resource to hire freelancers. This website was originally a platform for job seekers, angel investors, and startups until it became a great community to hire developers.

  • StackOverflow

StackOverflow was founded in 2008 with the initial goal to evoke questions and answers from programmers. It has 1.5 million users with 10 million questions posted since the day it started. Developers build reputation by answering questions and providing solutions to web development issues. These developers are seen as thought leaders in the StackOverflow community.

If you want to hire someone reliable with vast knowledge on PHP development, collaborate with these thought leaders and hire them to work with you.

Hiring a PHP developer can be daunting especially if you are in search of the best one. With these 5 websites, it is easier for you to hire someone that qualifies you needs!