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Top 10 Skills of WordPress Plugin Developer

WordPress has been around almost after the birth of the World Wide Web. Along with its existence is the growth of number of web designers and developers. While others are familiar with the job of a web designer, only a few heard about job of WordPress plugin developers and about developing a WordPress plugin.

To all of you, it’s indeed a profession, like web designing, that pay decently. If you want to get into the learn web developing or want to join the tribe of professional developers, following are the 10 skills you should have.

wordpress plugin developerTechnical competencies: Developers know his job. You should have at least expertise on any of these fields – HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, or MySQ. Study and know your area and keep developing your skills.

wordpress plugin developer tipsLifelong learning: Website development is fast changing and growing. You need to instantly adapt to it especially on these three important areas of the webdev – design, technology, and security.

wordpress plugin developer infoSelf-Motivation: Identify your skills and the area you want to focus on. WordPress development is a broad open ground. And although it pays to have a grasp of each specialization, it is best to be an expert of a certain field.

wordpress plugin developer how toSolid Planning: If you want to make your hobby as your profession, make sure you have a solid plan. This means you have to set time and attainable deadline on each of your project to successfully deliver it to your clients.

wordpress plugin developer guideMarketing: The web developing profession is no different with other jobs, you need to compete with other developers and market yourself to potential clients.

wordpress plugin developer helpCommunication: The key to a successful business is a clear communication. Practice it well.

wordpress plugin developer 2016Customer Service: Your clients are your customers. Always satisfy them.

wordpress plugin developer adviceOpen Mindedness: You may be the expert on your field but that doesn’t mean you will do everything right. Be open to criticism, feedback, or possible revisions on your work. That happens to everyone.

wordpress plugin developer requirementsTeam Leading: You are not the jack of all trades; get the help of someone to help you while doing your expertise. This makes you more productive than ever.

wordpress plugin developer onlinePassionate: Keep your love to WordPress development igniting as it makes your job easier and lighter.

If you believe you have the above skills of a WordPress developer plugin and you can make a for example Wordpress photo gallery plugin, you may now want to jumpstart your career. The following are the list of the top most interesting projects a WordPress developer plugin could work on:

wordpress developer pluginWordPress Frontend Developing

wordpress developer plugin guideWordPress Web Developing

wordpress developer plugin helpPlugin Developer

wordpress developer plugin prosWordPress Theme Development

wordpress developer plugin 2016WordPress Plugin Development

wordpress developer plugin hireAPI integrations with plugins and themes

wordpress developer plugin requirementsWoocommerce customization and updates

wordpress developer plugin wpCreating a WordPress theme from scratch

wordpress developer plugin asapCustom PHP work

Are you ready to be a professional WordPress Developer? Go ahead and start your journey and develop your skills until you acquire the abilities, talents, and experience of an expert developer!