Want To Display Twitter Feed On The Website? “Responsive Twitter Feeds” Plugin Review

Display Twitter Feed On The Website. Why Do We Need It?

Twitter is one of the best social networks in the digital world. No need to explain what it is, and why people are using it. You need to know only one thing – when people tweet, they want to share their thoughts with other people. Sounds like the rest of social networks, but in this case, people don’t need to be friends. Or it could be not a person at all – your favorite tech media channel, for instance.

There are tons of plugins that will show your twitter feed on the website. But they are all different. The most common is native plugin from twitter, but its functionality is very restricted. That’s why developers continue to create “twitter feed display” plugins to fulfill, might be, their own needs.

How to Install Twitter Feed Display?

If you’ve already tried to install twitter plugins before, you know what pain in the head it is. Honestly saying, when I downloaded it for the first time I spent a lot of time wondering what API key, API secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret are. But Google helped me a lot. Unfortunately, the process remains the same as there is no other way to install wanted plugin

display twitter feed on website

Responsive Twitter Feed On Your WordPress Website

As I mentioned before, the difference between these thousands of twitter plugins is the appearance. And I need to say that “Responsive Twitter Feeds” plugin creates really beautiful widget. Of course it will be shown on the sidebar, but it has that light blue colors that everyone likes.

twitter feed display

It’s good looking and crispy. I don’t know a person, who will say that it looks ugly. Nice lines and twitter logo are only making it look better. As always.

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