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What is the Best WordPress Member Plugin?

Purpose of a WordPress member plugin

Membership sites are one way of generating money online. There are many things involved in membership sites and not all sites have the same requirements. For WordPress membership sites, plugins are the tools used for developing and managing just about everything related to the site. Membership sites differ but some of the things you might require in a membership WordPress plugin include:

  • A way to control access to your content and put assorted restrictions in place.
  • Automatic renewal of membership plans
  • E-mail reminders for members
  • Payment gateways

These are just a few examples. There are many variables that may be involved depending on the individual site.

Selecting the best WordPress member plugin

Analyze your requirements before you start looking for a WordPress plugin. Membership sites vary and so do membership plugins. Determine how you intend to run your site and what requirements you need in a plugin first. Some of the criteria for selecting a plugin include:

  • Membership plugin features: This is of course what you are most interested in. No point in looking at a plugin that doesn’t have the features you need.
  • Compatibility: The plugin you choose must work with the other plugin you use and with your theme.
  • Cost: There are free and premium WordPress membership plugins to choose from. In general premium plugins bring more features. But no sense in paying for a feature you will never use.
  • Support: This is critical. A problem with the plugin could essentially shut down your site. Good plugin support is a must.
  • Reputation: You should look at reviews, check the WordPress plugins ratings and note how many people have downloaded a plugin. Not being popular or well-known doesn’t mean it’s not a good membership plugin. However, a plugin that is popular and well-known is easier to get feedback on and an indication that it is doing something right.

The best WordPress member plugin for you is the one that meets all of your requirements, integrates easily with other add-ons and has a price that is within your budget. The following is a list of ten good WordPress membership plugins to get you started:

  1. S2Member Free WordPress Plugin

wordpress member plugin

This professional WordPress membership plugin integrates with email newsletters, shopping carts and other typical features of a membership site easily. Some of its features include PayPal and other payment gateways integration, recurring billing, affiliate activity monitoring, custom registration forms, custom profile fields, plugin and widget extensions, mailing list functionality, and social networking support. On top of all that S2Member is a free plugin.

  1. WP-Members Free WordPress Plugin

wordpress member plugin

WP-Members is a free WordPress membership plugin that comes with plenty of features. It works out of the box and is easy to use. You can create members only content, it offers a custom login widget, custom registration field options, admin approval option for new users, CAPTCHA integration, and more.

  1. Paid Memberships Pro

wordpress member plugin

The plugin allows you to setup membership levels and create flexible payments and trials, along with member reports. Paid Memberships Pro plugin lets you customize advertising and has email notifications to keep people informed.

  1. MemberPress

wordpress member plugin

MemberPress is easy to understand and the membership access rules ensure that only paying members receive content. Frontend login and user account areas can be customized and are easy to place on the site. It also provides many features for dripping content.

  1. WishList Member

membership wordpress plugin

This plugin allows you to separate different types of members and offers features like hiding or restricting individuals to use your content, deciding the limits for each member type and offering paid, trial based or complete membership previews.

  1. WP Premium Members

membership wordpress plugin

The WP Premium Members WordPress Membership Plugin manages premium content and pre-post advertisement, automatic removal of the ads from posts, and a secured PayPal payment gateway. It is easy to install and offers recurring payment or single premium membership buying option.

  1. WordPress Custom Role

wordpress plugin membership

WordPress Custom Role plugin lets you create custom roles based on users and roles, hide plugin and submenu, customize any role you’ve assigned and prevent access to the content you choose.

  1. MemberGold

wordpress plugin membership

Secures content and allows only selected members access to content. Features include automated content delivery system, password protection, multilevel access to content, automatic content lock once the access period or key expires and piracy protection.

  1. Member Mouse

wordpress plugin membership

The Member Mouse plugin offers features like coupons, trial offers, upsells, smart tags, content dripping, piracy auto locking and it is also easy to set up.

  1. OptimizePress WordPress Membership Plugin

wordpress plugin membership

Create membership portals, authority blogs, sales pages, complete launch funnels, and converting landing pages using this plugin. Features include a mobile friendly design, a complete logging system, and over thirty templates.

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