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What is the Best WordPress Poll Plugin?

Install a WordPress poll plugin to increase user interaction

Enabling polls on your WordPress website is a great way to create more interaction with visitors on your site. Aside from encouraging users to interact, polls can be used to get feedback on content, create new ideas for content, increase activity in comments sections, and determine ways to change your site to make it better. If your site sells products, polls can tell you how consumers view your products compared to competitors. To do all of that it must be involve plenty of work to install a poll plugin. Actually it is easy enough that a novice can probably do it, and some WordPress plugins can be installed and activated with just a few clicks. Considering the benefits and how easy it is to install a poll plugin, WordPress site owners should give it some serious consideration.

What is the best WordPress poll plugin?

There are bunches of plugins available to get you started with polls. One of the difficulties that you will encounter is selecting which plugin you should use. There isn’t one plugin that is best for everybody. Look for the plugin that best fills your needs and when you find it, that is the best plugin for you. Follow the steps shown here to help you select your plugin:

  • Determine what criteria the perfect plugin for you should meet. Some of the things you may want to consider include:
  • Expense: You can pay for your poll plugin but there are also many good free plugin that may work for your site, depending on your needs.
  • Smooth integration: The plugin you choose shouldn’t conflict with other plugins or your theme
  • Developer support: Ideally you want a plugin that the developer provides good support for
  • Features: Naturally you want the WordPress poll plugin to do the things that you require.

WordPress.org is a good starting point for your plugin search. They offer many free plugins, and a lot of those can be upgraded to premium to get additional features. There are also plenty of plugin tutorials, forums and available advice from WordPress experts. You can also visit other sites that provide information and advice on WordPress. It is usually pretty easy to find out how many times a plugin has been downloaded and how other users feel about different plugins if you have time. Here are ten of the best WordPress poll plugins you may want to take a look at:

  1. CP Polls – Best WordPress Poll Plugin

wordpress poll plugin

Create classic polls and advanced polls with dependent questions using this plugin with images. CP Polls lets you publish a poll into a page/post and display statistics of the results. The Polls can have dependent questions, meaning that some questions are displayed based on answers to other questions.

  1. Free WordPress Poll Plugin

wordpress poll plugin

This plugin is good for creating polls with multiple questions and a survey form for visitors.

  1. Polls by OpinionStage

wordpress poll plugin

A free WordPress poll plugin widget that lets you create polls that drive traffic to your site and increases time on site.

  1. WordPress Survey & Poll Plugin

poll plugin wordpress

WordPress Survey and Poll plugin lets you get visitors feedbacks directly on your WordPress website.

  1. Hot Or Not – Free Poll Plugin

poll plugin wordpress

You site visitors can rate thing when you use the Hot or Not plugin for WordPress polls.

  1. TotalPollWordPess Plugin

wordpress poll plugin

TotalPoll is a WordPress poll plugin that lets you integrate polls into your posts and pages. Use it to for opinions, votes and photo voting and more.

  1. YOP Poll

wordpress poll plugin

The YOP Poll plugin allows you to integrate a survey in your blog post/page and to manage the polls from within your WordPress dashboard.

  1. WP-Polls

wordpress poll plugin

WPPolls can be customized using templates and css styles and there are a host of options to ensure that WPPolls runs the way you wanted.

  1. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

wordpress poll plugin

Create and manage polls and ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. There are 20 styles of polls to choose from. All Polldaddy polls are fully customizable

  1. Skysa Polls App

wordpress poll plugin

The Skysa Polls App allows you to create hot topics for your members to vote on. Polls are easy to add and delete. You can set the way the dynamic polls ajax window displays by setting polls window position, poll window size and poll window title.

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With all the options the above list contains, there is a good chance the WordPress poll plugin you need for your site is on the list.