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Which is the Best WordPress Slider?

Choosing the best image slider WordPress plugin

An image slider WordPress plugin is what you use to create slideshows for displaying images and other content on your WordPress site. There are hundreds of WordPress slider plugins available that you can choose from. When choosing an image slider WordPress plugin for your website there are several things that most people commonly look at. These are:

  • Speed – How long does it take to load the page where the slider is installed?
  • Ease of use – How hard/easy is it to create a slider using the plugin?
  • Features – What features does the slider plugin offer?
  • Price – How much will the plugin cost you?

Ranking the best WordPress slider plugin

With so many WordPress slider plugin available, there is no way to compare them all. We chose four premium slider plugins to compare. No free plugins were included in this comparison. The WordPress slider plugins we examined are:

image slider wordpress plugin

LayerSlider: The LayerSlider is a responsive plugin, is relatively fast and offers plenty of features. It was also the least expensive plugin. For beginners it may be a little difficult to figure out.

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Nivo Slider: The Nivo Slider is easy to use and even beginners should have no difficulty creating sliders with it. It is also relatively fast. It lacks the features of the other sliders and doesn’t accept video or different multimedia types other than images. It was also the most expensive of the four plugins

image slider wordpress plugin


Revolution Slider: Revolution Slider has most of the options that you are likely to need, is fully responsive and loads fairly fast, although all three of the other slider plugins were faster. The user interface is a little confusing until you become familiar with it.

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Soliloquy: Soliloquy ranked first in three of the four areas examined. It was the fastest plugin as well as the easiest to use. It also comes with plenty of the features most sites require.

Each slider plugin was ranked 1 thru 4 in the four areas we looked at with 1 being the best. By totaling the rank in each area we arrived at our choice for best WordPress slider plugin

Speed Ease of Use Features Price Total
LayerSlider 2 3 2 1 8
Nivo Slider 3 2 4 4 13
Revolution Slider 4 4 3 2 13
Soliloquy 1 1 1 3 6

Using this method, Soliloquy had the lowest total and was determined to be the best WordPress slider plugin. All of the four are good plugins, depending on your needs. The speed of Soliloquy was probably the most significant difference. It was about .8 seconds faster than the next closest. Only .1 seconds separated the other three. Undoubtedly there are website owners who feel the Nivo Slider plugin or the Revolution slider plugin is better suited for their needs. When a plugin doesn’t provide exactly what a user wants, then there are those who will make one that does even if it is similar to an existing plugin. If you can’t find a plugin that exactly fits your requirements, you may consider developing a custom WordPress plugin that does. We offer custom WordPress plugin development to create the perfect plugin for you.

Advantages of our custom WordPress plugin development service

The biggest advantage you gain from our service is a plugin that does exactly what you want it to. However that’s not all. Other advantages include:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Affordable rates and no hidden charges
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Live customer support 24/7

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If you can’t find a plugin that meets all of your requirements, contact us for custom WordPress slider plugins that do!