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Why Should We Use WordPress Review Plugin

Why you should consider using a WordPress review plugin

Reviews are a great way to increase interaction on your WordPress site. Whether it’s a product you are promoting or content on your site, providing your users the ability to review something on your site can be beneficial to you. Some of the ways you benefit include:

  • Content feedback: Getting input from visitors to your site lets you know the kind of things they are looking for, so you can make changes that will improve your site
  • Feedback on products: You can determine how customers feel about your product and how you can possibly improve it
  • Demonstrates to users you value their opinion: Getting input from your visitors and responding to that input, shows them you are concerned about their needs
  • Increase interaction: Increasing the amount of interaction with visitors to your site is a good thing, and reviews are a good way to do it.

A WordPress review plugin makes getting feedback from visitors to your site easy, and if you haven’t installed one already you should definitely consider it.

Selecting a WordPress review plugin

There are plenty of review plugins to choose from. To select a WordPress reviews plugin that is effective you need to determine exactly what it is you want it to do. Once you know what you want in a WordPress review plugin, you can check out what is available. For each plugin you consider you should:

  • Review WordPress plugin features: Does it provide features you require? Are there many features you will never need?
  • Make sure it won’t conflict with other WordPress plugins or your theme
  • Check to see if the developer provides good support for their plugin and that they will respond if you should have a problem
  • Check WordPress forums and see how others who have used the plugin like it. In general a popular plugin that is widely used is a safer bet than one that is virtually unknown

The following is a list of 10 WordPress review plugins you may want to consider for your site:

  1. WP Review Engine

wordpress review plugin

The WP Review Engine plugin works with any theme and permits the user to add reviews to WordPress posts or pages. Features for this plugin include comment ratings, custom fields for comments, Google Maps integration, sidebar widgets, search engine optimization, Google Analytics integration, and affiliate linking support.

  1. WeReview – WordPress Review Site Builder

wordpress review plugin

This plugin comes with its own custom post type and short codes to help you build a review based site and is compatible with all WordPress themes.

  1. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

wordpress review plugin

Polldaddy lets you create unlimited polls and embed reviews from directly inside your WordPress site and comes with many options. You do need a Polldaddy or WordPress.com account to use the plugin.

  1. WP Review

wordpress review plugin

WP Review turns regular posts into reviews that fill the full width of the post area. It includes the standard review components which consist of, product header image, star rating, price author name, dates, percentage ratings, review summary and call to action button with link to product

  1. Taqyeem-WordPress Review Plugin

wordpress reviews plugin

This plugin adds a review box to all posts, pages and custom post types. The review box can be styled with unlimited colors and typography options

  1. kk Star Ratings

wordpress reviews plugin

This plugin allows your viewers to rate your blog posts through a star rating system. It supports Google Rich Snippets so the ratings of posts will be indexed by Google.

  1. WP Customer Reviews

wordpress reviews plugin

WP Customer Reviews allows viewers to write a star rated review about the products on your site.

  1. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

wordpress reviews plugin

This plugin also comes with the ability to build review comparison charts and lets you create your own templates for reviews. It also has 9 customizable templates that you can use.

  1. Google Places Reviews

review wordpress plugin

Google Places Reviews enables you to pull reviews from your Google Places page and display them on your WordPress site. It has three color schemes to choose from, and a built-in widget to display the reviews.

  1. Rich Reviews

review wordpress plugin

The Rich Reviews plugin allows you to display reviews in any section of your site that supports shortcodes such as posts, pages and footers and lets you moderate submissions.

Use a WordPress review plugin from the above list, or another WordPress plugin and start taking advantage of the benefits reviews provide.

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