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WordPress Twitter Plugin: How to Add a Twitter Button

Build you website audience by adding a Twitter follow button to your site

Social media is one of the best tools you have to promote your blog or website and increase your audience. Twitter is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to social media networks. You can start benefiting from Twitter quickly just by installing a Twitter follow button on your website. A twitter follow button is just a small widget that allows users to easily follow your Twitter account. It isn’t even necessary to use a WordPress Twitter plugin to add a follow button. To add a Twitter follow button to your site just follow these steps:

  • Generate a follow button code: Go to the Twitter button page. Select a button as follow and generate a code. Another alternative is to just use the code shown here:
<a href=”” class=”twitter‐followbutton”
data‐show‐count=”true”>Follow @username</a>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

If you are using the official tweet button you won’t need to use the second line of code so you would just paste:

<a href=”” class=”twitter‐followbutton”
data‐show‐count=”true”>Follow @username</a>
  • Paste the code to your site: You can paste the code anywhere you like in your WordPress theme. The most commonly used method is to paste it into a widget. To use this method:
    • Log into WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to Appearance, select Widgets and add a text widget.
    • Paste the code into the widget that you just added.

You can also display a Twitter follow button and modify it in a variety of ways using shortcodes.

Similar to the method above you will copy and paste the appropriate shortcode into a post, page, or text widget. Be sure to use your own Twitter username in place of username in the shortcode. Here is a list of the different ways you can modify the Twitter follow button and the shortcodes to use for the modifications:

  • Display a Follow Button and a link to your Twitter page:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’]

  • Display only a Follow Button:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’ show_screen_name=’no’]

  • Display a link to your Twitter page and a count of your Twitter followers:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’ show_count=’yes’]

  • Change the color of your followers count with a HEX color code:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’ show_count=’yes’ text_color=’00ccff’]

  • Change the color of your username link with a HEX color code:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’ link_color=’00ccff’]

  • Display a grey button instead of a blue one:

[twitter‐follow screen_name=’username’ button_color=’grey’]

Again, a WordPress Twitter plugin isn’t required. So if you don’t need a plugin to add a Twitter button, what do you use a Twitter WordPress plugin for?

Ten great WordPress Twitter plugins

Here are ten of the best WordPress Twitter plugins you can use to help increase your sites audience:

  1. WP Twitter Feeds

This is an easy to use plugin that lets you drag the widget where you want it. Then fill out the widget form and you are finished. The plugin also displays “Twitter Intents”, the links at the bottom of each tweet that allows others to reply, retweet or favorite your tweets

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  1. Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach:

This plugin allows you to not only show your tweets, but to also define which tweets to display using search terms. It also displays the reach of your account handle as well as any hashtags or keywords used in your search.

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  1. Rotating Tweets:

As the name implies, the Rotating Tweets plugin shows tweets one at a time on a rotating basis. There are plenty of configuration options provided for which tweets to display and the type of rotation used.

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  1. Twitter Auto Publish:

The Twitter Auto Publish plugin automatically tweets an update when you publish a post on your WordPress website. It includes features that allow you to set what’s included in each tweet and to filter which posts are tweeted by category and custom post type.

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  1. Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post):

The Revive Old Post plugin tweets former posts with a set delay between each tweet. It can filter by category or post and lets you get the most from a post

wordpress twitter plugin

  1. Click to Tweet:

The Click to Tweet plugin enables you to create a quote box with a link that visitors can use to tweet the quote shown to all of their followers. You can also add multiple click-to-tweet boxes to any WordPress post or page.

wordpress twitter plugin

  1. JM Twitter Cards plugin:

The JM Twitter Cards plugin enables you to make use of all seven types of Twitter card. Users who tweet your content will have a Twitter card added to their feed that will then be seen by all their followers.

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  1. Tweet Wheel:

Tweet Wheel automatically tweets posts from your blog ensuring smooth traffic flow. Even if you are away from the computer it will keep your site engaging

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  1. Twitter Cards Meta plugin:

Twitter Cards Meta plugin increases your Twitter profile visibility by making it possible to add summary, photo, app, product cards, and the like to your site.

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  1. AccessPress Twitter Feed:

AccessPress Twitter Feed lets you show real-time feeds from Twitter and even display them in slider.

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Here you go a list of the best WordPress plugins for Twitter.

Use a WordPress Twitter plugin or two along with the Twitter follow button to increase your websites traffic.

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