Write SEO Friendly Headlines Two Times Faster! “Awesome Headlines Generator” Plugin Review

Why Do We Need SEO Friendly Headlines Anyway?

Headlines are very important instrument of receiving traffic in digital marketing. Believe it or not, but the headline is the first thing you will totally look at before reading this article. And that’s what 100% of other people will do as well. Therefore, we need to create catchy headlines for web users, so your website could get more and more organic traffic. However, there is another point of creating headlines. And it is created for machines, not for humans. To be more precise, for search engines.

Google says that having keywords in headlines is more than good. It’s one of the parametres of search engine optimization. And having SEO friendly content on your website won’t hurt you for sure. Writing SEO friendly headlines will put your website higher in SERPs, so people will see it more often and you will get more traffic. Better headlines – shareable articles. Of course, we can’t say that all you need are fancy and catchy headlines. But it’s the goal of today’s piece.

Create SEO Friendly Headlines With “Awesome Headlines Generator” Plugin

The Plugin, made by OptimalPlugins is nice choice for people, who want to create SEO friendly headlines not only for machines but for people as well. It gives an opportunity to choose what type of headline you can get depending on the typed keywords. It is more than easy to use. You need to download the plugin on your WordPress website and you will get the options listed below. That’s how it looks like in your posts:

SEO friendly Headlines

As you can see, you will get 8 instant headline suggestions within a seconds. But if you want more, there is an option to show 30 high conversion headlines. I hope you will enjoy having it on your website!

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